Varzaneh Desert Tour


Salt lakeSand hills
Pigeon TowerGav Chah

One of high ranked Iran city in trip advisor is Varzane. This wonderful city is famous not only for its culture but also sand hills. In this region women wear white Chador instead of black ones and there are lots of houses which are good sample of Iran desert houses.
Your tour starts in morning after eating breakfast in a traditional house. After 1-hour driving, you reach to Salt Lake. This is a good place for photography because of clean blue sky and marvelous Salt Lake. What you experience is very unique, because of walking in the Salt Lake is something that you cannot do it neither Iran nor other parts of world.
After enjoying calm and quiet desert, you back to Varzane for eating lunch. On the way, your bus is stopped next to the pigeon towers. This building was structed nearly 400 years ago, during Safavid dynasty. All pigeon towers are built with the purpose of collecting the excreta of these pigeons.
By eating your lunch, you would experience hospitality of Varzane people. After taking rest in a rural house, you leave to Ox-well or Gav Chah. At this cozy live museum, you see how a huge ox extract water by sinning of his owner.
Now it is time to visit sand hills. you can go up the hills by bare feet what you feel is very pleasant. Because you perceive coolness of sands by your skin. At the top of the hills, you would mesmerize by magnificent sunset. Also you can sit on the off road car and enjoy safari.
During silence of night you can glaze at sky and enjoy its stars. Clean sky and beauty of place make sand hills peaceful. Your tour guide invites you to sit near fire and eat your dinner and hot drink. After meal you are transferred to the traditional house.
After passing restful night, you have big traditional breakfast. It is time to back, on the way you visit Ghortan Citadel. It is located 12Km far from Varzane and is popular for its thick and long walls. Some people believe that this monument is 1000 years old which is protected houses and people from enemies in past.

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