Iran Island Tour

Persian Gulf is one of the important seas in the whole world. The shore of Persian Gulf can be very significant in tourism. Each year, many travelers come to southern ports like Bandar Abbas, Bushehr etc. to visit and swim in warm blue water of the gulf. On the other hand, Iranian islands like Kish, Qeshm, and Hormoz become a well-known tourist destination and gained more eco-tourism acceptance recently.
Some travelers believe that during winter, Iran isn’t a good destination for travel but that isn’t true. if you travel to Iran during winter, you have chance to experience ski on snow and ski on the water at the same tour package.  You can spend a day in ski resorts in westside of Iran then by one local flight you can reach to Iranian Islands and feel sun shine on you face skin.
The other attraction of this zone is the food. If you are fan of sea food or like to try local food, which are normally hot and spicy, Persian Gulf zone of Iran is the best place for travelling. These foods are really delicious, because of various spices that they used. these especial species are very unique and you cannot find it in the other parts of Iran. Imagine that you are in one of Iran Island and sit in restaurant and enjoy of delicious smell. and when your food gets ready a kind face woman with colorful traditional dress bring your food and set your table.
In this article we attempt to introduce you various touristic island destination in Persian Gulf. For more detail and Island tours, you can be in touch with us and we are ready to fulfill any requirements.

iran island tour

Iran Island Tour

Kish Island Tour

Due to beauty of Kish some people call it pearl of Persian Gulf. Also, it is known as a resort for relaxing hosted many travelers in all year long. Kish is the more luxurious and developed of the two main Iranian islands. During 1970, the Island became a place for beach resorts, swim, and shop. Kish Island is a free zone and also you can travel to this peaceful Island without any visa up to 14 days.
The water recreational activities in kish are really eminent. you can experience parasailing to scuba diving, wake-boarding to jet skiing to remind you that happiness is belong to all people from whole world. If you don’t like to be wet you can try glass- bottom boat to see the colorful sea life in Persian Gulf.
One of the lovely spots in kish is a sunset near Greek ship. This ship has been anchored over than 50 years. It is located on the southern part of the island, and it is a little bit far from the center of the kish but it is easily accessible.
as mentioned above, kish is very developed and you can book rooms in high class hotels with various services like massage, sauna, jacuzzi etc.

Iran Island Tour

Qeshm Island Tour

The biggest Island in Persian Gulf is Qeshm. It locates in Hormoz Strait. In addition to many magical beaches, there are many touristic attractions caused call this Island seven wanders land. These natural attractions are Qeshm Geopark, Avicennia marina (Hara Jungle), Salt Cave, ChahKooh Canyon, Stars Valley, turtles beach, and Qeshm Roof (Bam e-Qeshm).
There are some historical monuments in Qeshm too. Lalehgoon Gasht Iran tour Operator suggests you to travel to this Island not only for natural monuments but also for its historical monuments like Portuguese Castle, Kharbas cave known as Mitra temple.
There are 2 types of accommodation in Qeshm Island, hotel and traditional houses. if you like to experience local life style and enjoy of spending time with local people, we suggest you to book Traditional houses.
If your favorite food is sea food, Qeshm is a best destination. you can order various type of fish dishes like fried, kebab or stew. but you can find some international and Iranian normal food there.
during the summer when the sun shows its beauty to the Island you can travel to the remote shores and enjoy of watching small turtle babies hatching. it is really enjoyable to see their first swim in the warm water of Persian Gulf.

iran island tour

iran island tour

Iran Island Tour

Hormoz Island Tour

Hormoz is a paradise for nature lovers. Especially, when you go up from a ruby red hill, you can see a fallen rainbow in Hormoz Island. These colorful soils are come from various metal oxide thought to be derived from the island’s volcanic rocks.
There are numerous places to visit on Hormoz Island which totally depends on how much time you want to spend for exploring on this rainbow Island.  Portuguese castle, Silence valley, valley of Statues, Rainbow Mountains, The Museum and Gallery of Dr. Nadalian are the best places you can visit on a day. If you don’t have rush to back to the mainland of Iran, you can spend a night near the Persian Gulf and visit mysterious places on the island
when you are in Hormoz, you can feel the important role of soil in local people life. for example, when you walk on the cozy alley of Hormoz you see that the walls of all houses are red. There is a reality maybe you won’t, believe till you try it. local people make a delicious souse with red soils.

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